New Athens Cemetery


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Cemetery Overview

Duties of the Superintendent:

  • Perform necessary maintenance in regards to perpetual care of all grave spaces, in order to insure that the cemetery in his care is kept in a clean and orderly condition so as to present a dignified and suitable appearance for the repose of the mortal remains of the departed.
  • Take every precaution to preserve all established lot corner pins and monuments located within the cemetery.
  • Afford prospective purchasers of burial permits the opportunity to inspect the cemeteries under his jurisdiction for the availability of unsold grave spaces.
  • Have control of all workmen employed in the cemeteries and oversee the enforcement of all laws, rules and regulations as outlined in this Chapter.
  • Have charge of and keep account of all property, tools and implements belonging to the cemetery.
  • Keep a record of all interments within the cemetery and other records as may be required by the Board of Trustees.
  • Turn over any and all monies that may be received as Superintendent for work done by him or his subordinates at the cemeteries, or that may be received by him from any other source and belonging to the Village. The salary of such person shall be full compensation therefore.
  • Deliver any and all records, books, registers or other property belonging to the Village, upon his dismissal or resignation.
  • Dig the graves in a timely manner as directed by the Village Clerk. All graves shall be dug to accommodate the concrete vault or concrete grave liner as required. Minimum depth of all graves shall be five feet six inches (5’6”) measured from the top of the ground to the bottom of the concrete vault or concrete grave liner.

Duties of the Village Clerk:

  • Have charge of and keep track of the owners of all burial permits as they pertain to the grave spaces within the designated lots.
  • Update the official map of the cemetery as burial permits are issued.
  • Issue burial permits for all grave spaces within designated lots indicating the purchaser of records.