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I hope you’re doing well. By the way my name is Kim Bradley and I’m working in a company called FixHackSite. Today, I’m excited to introduce to you our Single Malware Subscription Service. It is a monthly subscription service that fixes, removes and monitor malware activity on your website.

FixHackSite is a leading provider of web security solutions and services to small businesses in the UK. We provide effective reliable malware removal subscription service for websites that is fast, easy and affordable. Our team has years of experience removing malicious software such as viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, worms, ransomware, botnets, backdoors, spam, phishing sites, scams, trojans, ransom ware, etc.

We help clients in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education and more. Our team has the expertise to identify and remove the most prevalent strains of malware on the market today such as ransomware, cryptolocker, zeus and more.

If you are interested to know more about our malware removal subscription service go to fixhacksite.com. Don’t let malware take over, let us help you get back to work.

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Kimberly Bradley

Website Protector at Fix Hack Site

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