New Athens Ambulance Service
Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

The New Athens Ambulance Service provides emergency response and transportation to all areas of the New Athens Fire Protection District as well as the Village of Lenzburg.

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These services are provided through a contract agreement between the Fire Protection District and the Village of New Athens. The Fire Protection District levies a tax to offset a portion of the operating expenses, while the Village handles the day to day operation of the service.


The service has operated since 1977 with volunteer and paid part-time emergency medical technicians and ambulance drivers. Presently, the service has two emergency response vehicles that are manned by paid part-time employees. All ambulance personnel are fully trained, and state certified. Additional training is provided on a continuous basis by local hospitals.

Department Overview

Our duties

  • Emergency medical services
  • General medical assistance
  • Complies with all applicable rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Properly equipped ambulances
  • Properly maintained facility

We support you

Your health is obviously of utmost importance and we encourage you to do things to maintain good health, and in turn, reduce your chance of needing us. Maintain a healthy weight, eat foods that are good for your heart and the rest of your body, and exercise in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.


Should you need us, you will receive a bill for ambulance service, but that should not discourage you from requesting the ambulance for true emergencies. In most circumstances, your insurance or other medical coverage will pay all or part of the cost.

Programs and Services

Special Needs Registry
The Special needs registry is a tool being developed for use by St Clair County that enables emergency responders to...